June 10 & 11 | Allentown Art Festival & Allen West Art Festival

This weekend is all about the festivals in Buffalo. There’s so much to do, that you’re going to have to want to dedicate some serious time to browsing street after street of art and artisan wares.

The Allentown Art Festival (lead image) and Allen West Art Festivals, are side by side, making it easy to tackle two festivals at once. The Allentown Art Festival is much bigger, and has been around since 1958. It’s one of the largest art festivals in the country.

The Allen West Art Festival (west of Elmwood, on Allen Street), produced by The Allentown Association, was founded in 1998. Unlike the Allentown Art Festival, which showcases artists and artisans from all over the country, the Allen West Art Festival was established to support  local artists, artisans and Allentown businesses. The two festivals bring the best of all worlds to Buffalo.

To learn more about the Allen West Art Festival, visit this Facebook page. To learn more about the Allentown Art Festival, visit this website.

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