The mission of the Brooklyn Renaissance Group is, Continual dedication to the preservation of history and culture through the Arts; To increase access to the Arts and Arts Education for all patron and communities; To positively impact the growth and development of Artists, Creative Professionals, and Brooklyn’s Creative Economy.”

The BRG is a community based 501(c)(3) that strives to make the Arts equally accessible in a variety mediums and settings. Founded in Brooklyn, NY, it is through BRG’s unique experiential programming, educational exhibitions and the establishment of arts institutions that allow us to serve communities throughout Brooklyn and beyond.

The BRG is active in a vast array of programs and campaigns throughout the year, made possible by our partnerships with individual artists, collectives, schools, businesses, and other non-profits. Our organization provides resources such as administrative and installation support to Artists and Curators during exhibitions, art fairs, and other satellite activations. BRG engages the local community in our initiatives to make the Arts and Arts Education more accessible. Initiatives include, producing a variety of community oriented programs such as Artist’s talks/workshops, video interviews, and panel discussions. We also participate in collaborative programming with other community institutions like BRIC Media Arts, Kings County Hospital, and the Brooklyn Public Library.