The flagship campaign for the Brooklyn Renaissance Group is for the development, curating, and maintenance of “The Great Wall of Brooklyn” (GWB). The GWB is a permanent installation that will represent New York City’s largest public art monument. The GWB will bridge the gap between the Arts, Education, and surrounding communities. In partnership with and curated by The Bishop Gallery, The Great Wall will feature works from local Brooklyn artists; revered artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barron Claiborne, and Norman Lewis; and emerging artist such as Jules Arthur, BrittSense, and Juan Carlos Pinto. More than 1,000 works of art will be on display, the quarter mile stretch will showcase works extending back the last century. The monument will include a gallery, visitor’s center and community arts programs. Inevitably, the GWB will become a beacon of inspiration and premier destination for Brooklynites and visitors for generations to come. The Brooklyn Renaissance Group will raise $9 Million dollar in order to build The Great Walls of Brooklyn.